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Telepathy: a being can intend and receive communication silently to and from themself, another, or others, and we call it telepathy. 

It is the term used to describe the subject of pure spiritual communication that is intended or received by beings.

Telepathy is not made from anything physical that can be heard or seen, such as sounds we hear through our ears, things we can see with our eyes or feel with our hands.

It is the intention or “spiritual push” generated by the person themself that ensures a communication arrives where it is intended.

It does not require any type of mechanical means to arrive within a person. That is the beauty and magic of intended telepathic communication generated by the human spirit.

Telepathy can easily be taken for granted given it is innately part of who we are and how we communicate.

Telepathy has ALWAYS been second nature to us, even if not much talked about in that way.

Meaningful love, shared and experienced, tends to be an easy way for a person to feel or perceive telepathy in action, and also get familiar with where it is coming from.

Telepathy simply comes from YOU or another, and is driven by YOU or another.

People infuse their own telepathy into what they are saying as a matter of fact, but the more they mean it, the more genuine it will feel to the other person.

As a Songwriter/Performer you can add sound to your telepathy by using your voice and musical instruments, which makes it easy for people to hear what you quietly created inside your own world.

And so…we have live and recorded music that people enjoy listening to.

It’s that simple.


We are not an intrinsic part of this physical universe we live in. In fact we never were, but, we have chosen to locate ourselves within it, and in the physical body we picked up at its birth and now call our own, even though you may not consciously remember any of that.


The amount of intention a Songwriter/Performer generates and infuses into their song telepathically, the more of their song’s intended music, emotion and message is clearly and easily received by another or others. That is the key ingredient that determines how Great that song will become.

Thus we have the different intensities of music and song, and the spiritual and emotional effect it has on people receiving it.

And here is a more detailed explanation of telepathy

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