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Sounds (and their quality): a song is made up of musical and lyrical sounds which generate sound waves that a listener experiences within his whole being.

A composer gets these sounds generated by combining different instruments, voices, digital or natural effects, scales and keys.

These sounds create unique feelings, emotions, and moods within the listener.

The effects that these sounds create within the listener, determines whether they like them or not.

Here is a more in depth explanation about the intimate nature of  sound.

Certain types of sounds seem to have broader admiration and acceptance than other sounds, including the type and quality of sound from a singer’s voice as they sing the words of the song. You’ll figure those out with experience.

A songwriter/performer’s personality and intentions are expressed and felt through the instrumental and lyrical sounds they infuse into their listeners. 

As people are vastly different, so are their preferences for different sounds and their views about sound quality. Truthfully, that about sums it up.

The action of applying the Songwriter’s Mantra to your song, gives it the sound and quality of song that you will be known for, or you might say, your own personal Brand.

mantraSongwriter/Performer’s Mantra: Listen to the Rhythm

(Mantra here means a simple statement that is important enough to repeat to yourself as you are songwriting or performing, until there’s no need for it anymore)


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