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Your song passion


It seems to be made up of :
your inspiration,
your intention,
your telepathy,
your attention,
your  interest,
your instincts and intuition,
your own necessity to connect,
your admiration,
your love,
your emotion, or chosen emotion,
and all the above is infused into the full scope of your musical expertise and experience.

Song passion can come to you spontaneously, or, you can decide to consciously create it.

Passion in general: It’s a personal thing – you can receive passion from someone else or through their creation, or you can generate your own passion to another or others through what you have created.

Certain types of passion can be so strong they remain timeless, like a great painting, a great piece of music, a lifetime friendship, or a great marriage.

Song passion seems to originate out of your own unique world, so use as much of it as you feel you need so listeners feel emotionally impacted by your songs, and as a result, respond to you by making them their own in some way, and also wanting to see you perform them live.

Your song passion is your own spiritual magic that only you can generate.

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