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Notes and Chords : a note is a single sound played on an instrument or sung by a voice.

A chord is a combination of notes played on an instrument, or you could use multiple voices matching different notes to make a voice chord, so as to give a fuller or richer sound.

There are 12 notes to choose from. On a piano keyboard these 12 notes keep repeating in higher pitches, covering more and more octaves.

If you look at a piano keyboard and start at Middle C, for example, and play each of the 12 white and black notes as they lay, you will reach the next higher pitched C.  The 13th note is always a repeat of the note you started on, but in the next higher pitch.

Click  here to see the many different piano chords.

Click here and also  here to see the many different guitar chords.

Each musical instrument has its own mechanical way of doing the above, and depending on how the instrument is designed is how many octaves of different pitches it can reach going high or low. Some instruments are made to only be able to play certain octaves of pitches, such as a trombone or a piccolo. 

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