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Making everything in a song your own–Part 1




It’s VITAL to make everything in a song your own

Taking the time to ensure you make every ingredient you intend into your song your own, is a vital action in creating a Great Song. It applies to performing it as well.

You could describe it as infusing yourself and leaving your very own personal mark in every part of your song, whether composing or performing it. It’s essentially a spiritual process, but you usually find yourself using your mind and body as part of that process.

You know if a song, a melody, or lyrics sound like you created it. It’s an intuitive sense you have, and it’s a good thing to get very familiar with if you want to write a Great Song.

Familiarization is as natural as breathing
When you become very familiar with something (or someone), the natural result is usually you feel like you have an ownership in its existence because you know it (or that person) so well.
So, if you want to make something or someone your own, become VERY familiar with EVERY aspect of its (or their) existence and the true feeling of spiritual ownership will happen within you.

It’s sort of  like a perception of having your spiritual arms around it all, and, it’s all yours, just like if you are hugging someone you love very much. It’s a rewarding feeling that comes with ownership, whether spiritually, physically, or both.
And, of course that would also apply to making any ability completely your own that you want to get really good at.


Believing in yourself is key
All you are really trying to do during the process of making a song your own is removing from it anything that you don’t feel expresses the real you, and how you feel and see things at the time.

The more you use your own intuitive sense of who you are and how you view things the easier it becomes to make a song and everything in it completely your own.

As you evolve as a songwriter/performer, and as a person, you may find your awareness of how you want to express the real you evolving too.

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