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Inspiration: one way it could be defined, is a newly perceived clarity or intense emotional experience about something, that not only uplifts you, but captivates your whole attention, and compels you to create something of your own that you’ll probably want to share with others at some point.

An inspiration ignites your own joy of creation, and you go off and complete it.

Some people go to the trouble of creating their environment, family, or friends, so those are a source of inspiration for them. 

Inspiration and its Magic
Anyone or anything that you suddenly, gradually, or in some way admire or connect with, could ignite that creative urge within you. 

Here are  6 different ways to inspire yourself, and here are some ways to get inspired while practicing.

With inspiration you may also notice your  emotional tone intensifying, maybe changing in a way you like, or even going out the top.

When a songwriter has one of those amazing inspirations for real, a unique magical experience can occur, resulting in them composing an emotionally moving song that people just love listening to over and over again due to identifying with it so completely because the Songwriter and/or Performer took the care to impart  their own necessity to those listeners.

When you aren’t feeling inspired, you may have noticed it seems harder to write a great song that is inspiring.

Listeners who are inspired by your song respond in kind.
They will also feel your love when you truly connect with them as beings.
People want to be loved.
So do you.
Great Songwriting is a magical way to experience that.

But how do you stay inspired?
Feeling inspired is a very personal and sometimes fragile state which can be interfered with by things you didn’t plan for.
 Here are some common interferences to inspiration, with a tested and workable remedy for each

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