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Your own Joy of Creation : when you create a song, you are telepathically tapping into your own unique self generated Joy of Creation, which you use to inspire musical and lyrical thoughts you want to transfer or infuse into your song.

You then telepathically use all of your  passion which is innately driven by your own Joy of Creation to compose your final song so it connects with your listeners, and captivates them emotionally to respond to it in their own way.

As your familiarity with your own Joy of Creation increases, so will your ability to compose.

Infusing your song with your own Joy of Creation tends to give it an irresistible appeal, as it is full of exuberant happiness or the many other emotions you can use to invite people to become a part of.

 Here’s a performance that truly captures The Joy of Creation.

Here is the complete write-up on how to tap into, learn about and use       your own Joy of Creation for songwriting and performing.

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