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Section B) What a Great Song is actually made of

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“A further explanation of what makes a song Great” : A Great Song • telepathically inspires and captivates your hope… Click Here!

“Your own Joy of Creation” : When you create a song, you are telepathically tapping into your own unique self… Click Here!

“Inspiration” : One way it could be defined, is a newly perceived clarity or intense emotional experience about something, that… Click Here!

“Your song emotion and song message” : It could be defined as the inspirational emotion and message of your song… Click Here!

“Your body (its motions and actions)” : Music and lyrics could not occur without your body doing something. What it… Click Here!

“Your mind” : When observing your mind it seems to be a store of memories, good and bad. The bad… Click Here!

“You” : You are a • unique spiritual being. You are not your • mind. You seem to create this virtual… Click Here!

“Your own pure intention” : It originates out of you, thus it is • spiritual in nature. It can pervade… Click Here!

“Telepathy” : A being can • intend and receive communication silently to and from themself, another, or others, and we… Click Here!

“Your attention” :  There is another ingredient that is vital to composing music and lyrics, and that is your attention.… Click Here!

“Your interest” : It is simply the degree of intensity of your own genuineness for wanting to experience or know… Click Here!

“Your own intuition and instinct” : It’s your own intuitive ability that activates when you become inspired or interested by… Click Here!

“Your own necessity to connect” : It’s the amount of your own desire you feel you need to intend into… Click Here!

“Your love” : It is defined here as the amount of affinity or liking you have for another or others,… Click Here!

“Your admiration” : It is generated by you. It has as its essence the willingness to observe and include another… Click Here!

“Your emotion” : Your various emotions that you experience have unique characteristics to them. The same various characteristics would apply… Click Here!

  “Your song passion” :   It seems to be made up of : ♦ your • inspiration, ♦ your… Click Here!

Expanded definition of what actually makes a song GREAT:  any voice or instrument makes sound vibrations which are sound waves that can be… Click Here!

“Duration” : how long a sound(s) is heard for. The sound, from an instrument or voice, could last for a… Click Here!

“Sounds (and their quality)” : A song is made up of musical and lyrical sounds which generate sound waves that… Click Here!

“Keys and Scales” : There are 12 keys to choose from using the 12 notes of an octave • further explained here.… Click Here!

“Notes and Chords” : A note is a single sound played on an instrument or sung by a voice. A… Click Here!

“Harmony and Disharmony (Counterpoint)” : One can experience an aligning and comforting type of sound using harmony. When disharmonious musical… Click Here!

“Rhythm (timing, spaces, emphasis & overall speed)” : When you are playing a song there are points in the song… Click Here!

“A fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea”   What is a fully formed Musical or Lyrical idea: one of the first… Click Here!

“Aesthetics” : Aesthetics is a vital part of any musical composition.  Aesthetics is the magic and beauty people long for… Click Here!

“Your songwriting integrity” :  It could also be called your personal integrity which is explained • in this article. That… Click Here!

“Making everything in a song your own–Part 1”       It’s VITAL to make everything in a song your… Click Here!