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“Step 5)  Which first – music or lyrics?…”



Music or Lyrics first
You are now going to be using your intuition concerning what your inspiration is presenting to you, and whether you want to write the music first, or the lyrics first, or both together.
Or, you may just want to compose a piece of music all by itself, with no lyrics at all.

Emphasis is on getting used to the very personal process of intuitively deciding the order in which you are going to start composing a song, which sometimes can occur very quickly in a spontaneous burst of creativity.

Practical Exercise for Step 5)
1) If you aren’t inspired at this moment, read     the info in this link to help you get inspired about something that interests you to write a song about.
2)  Tune in to your inspiration for your first song and intuitively decide whether you want to:
a)  write the music first,
b) write the lyrics first,
c) write the music and lyrics together,
d) or, write the song as a piece of music all by itself with no lyrics at all.

3)  If you still aren’t sure, for whatever reason, repeat 1) and 2) above as many times as you need to so you can easily tune in to your own song inspiration, and then decide how and in what order you want to compose your song.

End Result
You know you can think of an inspiration or inspire yourself for a song, and then be able to intuitively decide in what sequence per 2) above how you want to create it.

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  1. Billy Shears says:

    Love the website. Is this used as a lesson plan for a college course? Songwriting is my life I would love to learn more 🙂

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