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Step 3)  You should feel at ease




Feeling at ease can help greatly
Ensure you feel at ease in the environment you are composing in, and with the instruments you are using to compose and record with.

It makes sense that you should feel at ease with your instruments and recording environment BEFORE you start composing.

Notice how the performers seem at ease yet extremely competent  in this videoand the singers in this video.

Conditional: it is not recommended you do the free online course and its accompanying exercises below unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so, as it demands a level of personal participation you may not be used to.

Practical Exercise for Step 3)
1) Watch this video and then grab a friend or family member, have them watch it, and then together complete the free online course underneath the YouTube video screen linked to. While doing the course get familiar especially with how to do the communication process in the course called “Reach and Withdraw”. You will need someone to do that process on you in your recording environment and on your instruments, which is why you need to do the course with another.

Emphasis is on experiencing the importance of feeling very comfortable and at ease in your recording environment and with your instruments.

2)  Get the person you did the course with to do the process “Reach and Withdraw” with you on your instruments, your recording gear, and the empty space itself that you will be composing in.

End Result
After doing the process above you should feel comfortably at ease, and feel more in harmony with your instruments, your recording gear and environment, and ready to create a song.

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