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Step 2)  Compile a detailed checklist



Ensuring you have everything you need
Now make a list of everything you feel you will need to compose the song you are about to create. That tends to discipline you to really get your wits around what you will need, and jump starts your own personal creative process.

When you are ready to record your song, you’ll then have everything right there to record it, including such things as the desired microphones, other instruments including digitally recorded ones, singers you will need, and the type of room or space you feel will be best for the type of recording you have decided on.

Compiling a detailed checklist is an easy way of ensuring you have everything you need each time you compose and record, even if other people won’t be needed until you have finalized your composing.

Practical Exercise for Step 2)
List out all the instruments and recording gear you know you will need for the composing and recording of your song, and also any other people you plan on using during your composing and recording process.

Emphasis is on being prepared before you start to create and record a song, so composing is as smooth and distraction free as possible.

End Result
You now know that compiling a detailed checklist ensures you have, or know everything and everyone you need for the song you are about to compose and record and don’t have to think about it again.

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