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Step 1)  Become calmly focused in the moment you are in now




A good first step
Before you begin to write a song, or perform it, it’s always a good idea to ensure you have all of your  intention and   attention calmly focused in the moment you are in, or in other words in your own Present Time, and completely on what you are going to compose or perform right now. When you can do that, it becomes easier to just be where you are and compose and perform Great Songs.

Getting your complete intention and attention calmly focused on what you are composing/performing right now, is just as vital as breathing is for your body.

Music is communication using sounds.

Lyrics are communication using sounds also.

The free online course mentioned below has been tested and shown it can directly help you get calmly focused.

Conditional: It is not recommended you do the free online course linked to below and its accompanying exercises, unless you feel a genuine and willing interest to do so, as they demand a high level of personal participation you may not be used to.

Practical Exercises for Step 1)
1)  Watch this video and then grab a friend or family member and have them watch the video as you will need someone to do the free online course with, which is linked to under the YouTube video screen. Emphasis is on doing the exercises detailed in that course, each to their own exact stated result.
2)  Once you have completed the free online course with its exercises, write down how you can apply what you have learned to your own Songwriting and Performing.

End Result
Completion of the above exercises to their exact stated result mentioned in the course should leave you feeling or experiencing a level of calm focus that is satisfying.

You should also now have a certainty that a song is ideally a two-way communication (back and forth) and not just one-way, that contains musical sounds that have a message that you consciously intend into your listeners so they instantly feel the inspiration, message and emotion that you, or whoever composed it, used to create the song with.

BONUS: during observation over many years of people doing the above exercises and achieving the purpose of them, has more than once brought about a state of mind where people noticed they felt a sense of separateness from things they used to feel stuck to, and thus more themselves.

Being and living in the moment you are in now
Writing and performing GREAT SONGS demands a unique level of self discipline, and the underlying strength of that discipline is being calmly focused on what you are composing or performing with zero thoughts about anything else or being somewhere else.

It has been described in sports as “getting in the zone”, and in other activities as “getting focused”, “living in the moment”, or “being in the now”. Years ago it was simply called “total concentration”.

The Ultimate Experience of YOU
You’ll know when you experience the real YOU. It’s unmistakable, just like when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time but immediately know it’s them, despite appearances to the contrary. The above exercises will help you achieve that welcoming experience.

step-7-part-1Some may already be calmly focused
Some Songwriters may just start composing until “they get in the mood” and suddenly find themselves calmly focused on exactly what they are composing.

Some may already be that focused, and are ready to compose.

The point is having all of your intention and attention calmly focused on what you are doing right now can make it easier to use your existing creative abilities, and more likely to discover a new one.

If you discover a new creative ability, include it within your calm focus too. It speeds up the normal transition period of taking a newly discovered ability and making it completely your own.

All the above info applies to performing as well.

Final note
♦  Intensifying your calm focus in the moment you are in right now means YOU are more here and now, and ensures your audience hears YOU much clearer and what you want to tell them, whether through your voice, your instrument, or both. You develop a greater certainty that what you are communicating is completely your OWN viewpoint.

The act of intensifying of your own calm focus is innate to you and we call it  intention.

Using it is second nature to us all.

How much you use depends on how much you want to achieve or get done. You have an endless supply.

Your intention urges any ability or desire you have to arrive where you intended it, and achieve what you intended it to do.

  You’ll increase your chances of finding what you are looking for while composing a song if you are completely being in the exact moment you are in right now, and, clearly intending your own estimation of how much intention you need to achieve your goal or purpose.

  You’ll find it is a natural progression when you become calmly focused in the moment you are in right now, to like yourself a lot more, and audiences will feel the same way about you and your song. It’s MAGICAL.

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