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Introduction to Section A) Part 2




The following 3 points are what this website rallies around
1. You are  a spiritual being, and always have been.
2. That you will instinctively and intuitively use your own intelligence to help you learn and understand the songwriting and performing concepts presented in this website.
3. That YOU will instinctively and intuitively use your intelligence to teach your body to comfortably use those songwriting and performing concepts to write and perform your songs.


End result after learning and using this website
You should be able to compose and perform a Great Song that carries your very own genuine telepathic connection which emotionally captivates your listeners so well that they start joining in with you in some way. 

In addition, you will know with complete certainty the most important ingredient that really matters in any song you compose and perform is your ability to generate enough of your own passion while writing and performing it that it spiritually connects to people, and they magically start separating out from things not really them, and feel more themselves again.

That spiritual thrust from YOU is what carries your instrument playing and singing across to your listeners and audience so they truly feel your intention to communicate to them, and become instantly interested in what you are doing.

And here is the The Songwriter/Performer’s Mantra.

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