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“Introduction to Section A)–Part 1…”


It is VITAL to know how to navigate this website correctly so you end up being able to write and perform a Great Song, which is explained here.

An overall look at Songwriting
How to Write a Great Song has been the dream of any Songwriter throughout the ages.

The info within this website will show you how to write a Great Song, step by step by step, and then, how to perform one, step by step by step.

Ensure you read this page to the bottom at which point you will be linked to Introduction to Section A) Part 2, and then Part 3, & then Part 4.
Each Part has vital info you should have before embarking on your Songwriting and Performing adventure.

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You can always achieve your dream

Before you begin you should know…
There is no quick gimmick to composing a Great Song at will, although occasionally one can get so inspired that a Great Song magically sort of appears to one out of thin air, and it all comes about in an intuitive and instinctive way.

But as life inevitably has ups and downs, you should minimally know how you inwardly create as a being just as well as you play your instruments and sing, especially if you expect to make a living at it, just like any profession that requires precise skill.

Great Songwriting &Performing can be achieved
Great Songwriting seems to have this mysterious aura about it that seems like it is only achievable by the few.
Section A) How to Write a Great Song is designed to break through that mysterious aura.

After completing Section A) which includes using Sections B), C), D), E), and F), you will be ready for Section G) which will help you to perform a Great Song. It will guide you through the exact procedure in compiling your very own Performing Code. Although Section G is a   separate Section it also links to parts of the earlier Sections A) through F) to complete it.
These are workable ways to get you writing and performing Great Songs. You just have to be willing to complete their exact directions in the sequence they are laid out.

Conditional: This website is the result of many many years of researching how a being creates, including a very broad study of the info available on the internet.

What you will find in this website is simply what was found to work for the process of Songwriting and Performing a Great Song.

It is not recommended that you apply any info, free online course linked to, or any exercises laid out, unless you have a genuine and willing interest to learn and use them, as the degree of personal participation required could be more than you are used to.

Inspiring yourself
There is a way to inspire yourself consciously and write a Great Song anytime you want. That is what this website is all about, and anyone can do it if they are willing to put in the time and DO the steps laid out. That is not hype I assure you.

Note: natural talent is truly a magical gift, but one still has to learn and hone that natural talent to continue using it at the level one is accustomed to. This website was designed to take anyone at whatever level of creative ability they might be at, and expand it and expand it and expand it.

This website focuses heavily on guiding you into and through a very unique process of re-familiarizing yourself with your own inner spiritual ability to create a Great Song, and you should know up front that completing that process will be no “walk in the park” for you, but a process you will inevitably come to realize you have to do anyway should you have aspirations to write and perform Great Songs.

The info and exercises you are about to do are intended to speed up your own learning process for How to Write and Perform a Great Song, so your road to success as a Songwriter/Performer happens much sooner.

And…you probably already possess some sort of ability to compose a Great Song, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about creating one would you. (SMILE)

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