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“Step 9)  When is a song complete and trusting yourself…”




When is a song complete
A song is complete when you know you have  fully formed every part of your music and lyrics in liaison with your own Songwriting Code, so it is a creation you are thoroughly pleased with, and have your own certainty that others will feel better in some way after listening to it. 

NOTE WELL: Re-listening to your song at random times over a period of a week or more, each time listening to it as though you have never heard it before, will surprise you how much easier it makes the process of simplifying and refining it, until you reach that point where you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY your song is just the way you want it to be. 

trust yourselfTrusting yourself
Get used to being your own advisor, so you decide when your song is exactly the way you want it to sound. 

Learn to trust your own judgement and your own sense of things.

When people are inspired by your song, it is because you the composer infused that inspiration into your song and intended they experience it.

Trusting yourself and your own judgement is a necessary part of being a Great Songwriter.

Taking the time to compile your very own Songwriting Code ensures not only will you discover your own greatness, but also a newfound respect for yourself, and a personal certainty that you can now write a Great Song anytime you want.

Always keep the following in mind no matter what!
• Spiritually connecting with your listeners, and yourself, using voices and instruments, is what it’s really all about, and is being repeated here due to its vital importance in songwriting.

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