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Persistence is key
Like learning to drive a car, or doing a job you now do well but didn’t always, it seems the most effective way to learn something new, like Songwriting and Performing, is to move through anything uncomfortable or unfamiliar that is blocking you from learning and applying it cold, and finally, just doing it without a second thought.

Continuing until you don’t need to “think” about it anymore disciplines you to start becoming familiar with how you “think” something through to a point where you end up being able to just do what it is you just learned, without a second thought or needing to still “think” about how to do it.

Short cutting that learning process tends to open the door to failure, so hold to your Personal Code for Learning always.

Note: that magical moment when everything comes together for you in a song is not always predictable, so, How to Write and Perform a Great Song was created for those other not so magical times that seem to occur in life.

You should also keep in mind that the above discipline is vital for Songwriting and Performing as those actions innately demand you go through that creative process so completely that you end up with the song you truly want.

In fact that creative process CONSISTENTLY DEMANDS you invent new ideas about sound and words, which by their very nature, keeps you having to CONTINUALLY “think through” all those new ideas you invent or create until you can present them clearly in a song that really communicates to others.

And after all that, you then have to “muscle up” enough • passion in performing those songs, that you not only captivate and emotionally touch every listener so deeply that they instinctively want to join in with you, but ideally become their new spiritual friend.

By doing the above, you may just find yourself becoming that successful Songwriter/Performer minus those uncertainties and wonderings, which in the end, ARE your barriers to achieving your dreams.

Get it!!

 This video shows you a way to be competent at anything

A commonly accepted view is that after many years of Songwriting and Performing, plus learning and accepting advice, you will hopefully be successful at it. That has uncertainties as you probably realize.

In fact, you could have the most successful Songwriter/Performer in the world teach you everything they have learned over many long hard years (which is extremely valuable), and you would STILL have to take the time to make everything they have taught you completely your own, so as to make it work for you personally.

It becomes very obvious to an audience when a performer has not made their performance totally their own. They seem not quite there, and their attention is sorta somewhere else, but, when a Great Performer, who has taken the time to make the song and everything about it their own completely,  you often suddenly feel spiritually moved into a thrilling and emotionally moving world they are creating to invite you to participate in.

Following easily understood directions into the mysteries of your own world contained in How to Write and Perform a Grear Song will reveal and help you recover and learn to use the creative abilities you innately have. Then, when you have made those abilities completely your own by familiarity, understanding, and practice, writing Great Songs becomes more natural, and tending towards second nature for you.

I am sure this is not the first time you have been around, and what you desired in a life gone by could be unconsciously urging you bring it into existence NOW.

Be patient and kind with yourself as you recover your own spiritual creativity. Your own Greatness depends on it.

There is a Musical Renaissance brewing within Earth. Ensure it happens by adding your own unique Great Songs to it.


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