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Step 4)  Figure out the name for your Album




A way to name your Album
You want to communicate a clear, concise and simple message in your album name.

When giving your Album its final name, keep simplifying it over and over until it clearly communicates the overall message you want your album name to convey. It should instantly convey the message you want it to say.

You would do the same for each song name when you start composing your lyrics in Step 6). Each song name should also relate in some way to the message communicated in your Album name.

The main purpose of this step is to ensure your overall message is obvious in your Album name, and eventually your song names when you compose them.

Practical Exercise Step 4)
1)  Work out the overall message you want your Album to convey to your listeners. Keep simplifying it until it matches your actual idea you had for the Album when you first felt inspired to create it.

2)  Then work out your Album name the same way so it conveys your Album message.

Emphasis is on your album name conveying the simplicity of the message you intended for it.

3) Repeat 1) and 2) above on your song names when you get to Step 6) and start composing your lyrics.

4) If you only plan on writing a single song then apply the above exercise to your song name instead of your album name.

End Result
When you read your final Album name, you instantly get that it describes your original inspiration for that Album, and you know your listeners will also get the same message the moment they hear or read it.
If writing a single song then simply apply the above End Result to just your song name.

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