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Your own necessity to connect–Part 8



A performer who makes it look easy
After observing many songwriters and performers the author found the following Songwriter/Performer to be one of the most consistently connected performers with her audience and herself. Her interest level stands out as an example to others.

Her own necessity to connect seems to be really her easygoing but pervading intention to communicate, which is so spiritually alluring that it captivates and holds you in the magical world she is creating for you. And here is another example from the same performer.

Watching any performance of hers you’ll notice she never wavers in the above qualities. A true professional Songwriter/Performer of the highest order.

Connecting through acting
Another example of the above could be an earlier time when you experienced that necessity to connect from your favorite actor or actress in an emotionally moving movie that left you captivated. Why else would they be your favorite, right?

People naturally admire and are attracted to actors and actresses who can truly connect and identify with others, even though they are acting out a role, and most likely what makes them so valuable to us.

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