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Your own necessity to connect–Part 6



Successful Songwriters/Performers
Successful songwriters/performers instinctively develop their own very broad spiritual connection with people, whether they know them or not, as a result of becoming so spiritually disciplined in wanting to truly connect with all beings, and not just their bodies.

In fact, that ability has always been what people really want deep down, and always will be.

You’ll get better at it the more you do it, and after a while you’ll realize the power of doing it consciously because your audience will let you know in their own way.

Even imagining doing the above could be a way of at least getting a sorta feel for that spiritual phenomena.

Remember, your listeners can either hear your songs on a recording, or hear them in a live performance. The trick is to make your recording feel as passionate and intimate as your live performance of it, which is accomplished using your willingness to connect to other spiritual beings. You will find as a result you have truly captured their attention.

Having enough belief in yourself and your song, plus the importance of what you are communicating about, is always a big part of the driving force behind the performance and intense spiritual connection of a Great Song, whether you need to consciously create or invent it, or it comes to you instinctively.

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