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Your own necessity to connect–Part 5




Generating your own necessity to connect while recording
When you’re in a studio recording environment, it’s a good idea to try and perceive the location of your intended listeners in a spiritual way, as their bodies are obviously not there right in front of you, but you still want them to connect with your songs through your recording.

I’m sure you will agree that knowing where you need to intend your song makes it easier to get it across to your listeners, just like when you talk to someone directly so they hear you.

Relying just on your recording being marketed well enough, or, will magically become popular, is really going on hoping. Consciously intending and focusing your performance into other beings in your perceived world around you while recording (as distinct from just their bodies), even though doing it might feel somewhat unfamiliar to you at first, should always be done to ensure marketing efforts are as effective as you hope they’ll be.

Read all about  telepathy to assist you in what at first may feel like an unfamiliar action, but one you are doing anyway whether you know it or not. You just need to get it “off automatic” you might say, and start consciously doing it using your own “horsepower” as the key driving force. People always “feel” genuine communication that is meant to be heard and understood.

Love and loss are easily communicated telepathically
To give you a little more understanding of telepathy to other beings and creating your own necessity to connect with them,  here’s a singer whose audience is totally captivated by her singing with the backup of her band members who are each on her wavelength and in sync with her singing.

The back story is the song was written about her love for her father who died years before, and it definitely feels like she is still singing it to him with all her passion. You’ll notice how she instantly captivates and mesmerizes her audience from the very start of her performance.

True spiritual communication has never been a barrier to spiritual beings, and never will be, no matter what brand of language is used.

The blending of loss and love is a very powerful combination when presented inside a Great Song that is performed by someone who has an intense personal necessity to connect with their audience.

Being reminded of great loss and love from the past, presented by a singer who feels it completely and leaves you feeling the same, is one of the most adored and protected communications on this planet, bar none.

We are spiritual beings, innately timeless and deathless, and the above singer genuinely expresses that in her own unique way.

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