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Your own necessity to connect–Part 4



Something worth pondering
The majority of your listeners don’t know you personally, and until you have a following many people may be listening to your songs for their first time.

Familiarity is something that occurs over time, but, if you make sure your performance has enough of your own necessity to connect that you consciously create, intend, and infuse into your performance, and which, completely envelops and captivates your listeners within the magic you are creating, you’ll have a following who not only feel very familiar with you now, but think of you as some sort of a personal savior, simply because they feel so good all of a sudden from listening to you.

In fact, when you captivate your audience in the now of the moment, using just the right amount of your own passion and presence, a separating out from the normal pressures of life can often occur, and your audience starts feeling like you are feeling. Those types of experiences seem to validate the importance of always  connecting spiritually with yourself and your audience, before anything else.

When you truly connect spiritually with another person, this mutual recognition of each other as a spiritual being occurs, separate from the usual perception of each others’ body.

A spirit will instantly recognize another spirit in their own unique way when there is enough of a spiritual connection between them. That’s often hard to describe in physical or normal terms as it’s a spiritual connection that is invisible to the naked eye, and usually perceived or felt through one’s senses.

A Great Songwriter/Performer intuitively understands the importance of connecting spiritually with their listeners and audience anytime they want, and they will probably tell they got better at it over time, and, is completely worth mastering no matter what it takes to achieve.

Many of the exercises and info laid out in How to Write and Perform a Great Song are intended to speed up that very personal process of being able to spiritually connect with others, which all Great Songwriters/Performers have already gone through at some point.

As you read and apply what is detailed out here it should become obvious to you what the underlying secret to their success really is.

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