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Your own necessity to connect–Part 2




A more in depth explanation of “your own necessity to connect”
Every person and every audience is unique, so the amount of desire you intend into your audience will depend upon what you think it will take for you to truly connect with them so they start to feel themselves again and respond by joining in with you in their own unique way.
If you feel they need some more of your desire then intend some more into them.

Understanding  emotion is always part of connecting.

You could liken a successful performance to listening to an inspiring talk by someone that results in you suddenly realizing something or feeling it changed your life in some way for the better. The only difference is as a Songwriter/Performer you are using communication in the form of instrumental and voice sounds to get your intended inspiration across to your audience.

Your willingness
Your willingness to continually create your own necessity to connect in your song is a major factor in your overall success as a Songwriter/Performer. Whatever motivation or purpose you might use to connect with and captivate your listeners so they feel themselves again, just keep increasing it until you know you have achieved your own desired connection with them.

It’s really no different than talking to someone about something very important and you have this personal necessity to make sure they heard and understand what you said.

Just remember you are communicating to a group of individual beings that think each as themselves using their own viewpoint, but, by including them all in your genuine passion and desire to inspire them with your song you can communicate to them so they all receive it as a group. There are exercises throughout this website that have been designed to help you do that to your own satisfaction.

There’s no mistaking that point when you connect with and captivate your listeners. They’ll let you know with a flow back in some way, such as their admiration or love for you, which will feel very rewarding. Clapping, smiling, or singing along, are a few of the obvious responses that usually accompany that flow.

A little more detailed insight into connecting with your audience
In a live performance a way to create your own necessity to connect might be instinctively or consciously increasing your  love for your audience while enveloping them in a newfound • admiration for them. You also may decide to put a lot more passion into your singing or playing, or, introduce your next song with a story about it that captivates their interest before you even play it.

The above describes the different ideas that a being infuses into their intention to create the desired effect.

Inventing ways to keep your own necessity to connect alive will be as varied as your own imagination and creativity, your observations, and your own willingness to  spiritually connect with your listeners so they become emotionally captivated and always respond by joining in with your song in their own unique way.

You chose the right profession
If you constantly create and monitor your own own necessity to connect so your audience always feels your • passion deep inside their world, you will be very pleased that you chose to be a Songwriter and Performer, as you are truly providing something that people instinctively respond to without a second thought, and that speed of communication makes us feel very whole, as you will find out.

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