David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 11

Name of Song: You’ll find just you, in present time

Duality gone,
I am just one,
What a relief
I finally won.

I want to tell
you how I won,
But will take too long
in just this song.

What I can say
is you are one,
So much to face
Know you’ve begun.

A spiritual being
knows who they are,
You know your truth
even from afar.

Many lives
we all have been,
Your mind remembers
all you’ve seen.

You need a body,
to live on Earth,
You need a body
to show your worth.

But when you die
you leave as one,
Don’t wait till then
to have some fun.

Don’t be afraid
to have a go,
Orient yourself
and you’ll start to flow.

You’ll find just you
in present time,
A place to start
your long unwind.

The present quietly calms you,
A chance to feel sublime,
Moving thoughts to future,
Live outside of time.

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