David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 4

Name of Song: This world is made of opposites

Are you negative?
Are you positive?
Are you neutral,
Probably not much.

Did you like Peter,
No I did not,
And what about Lisa,
She just wasn’t my type.

Do you love mommy,
Or is she a nag,
Does daddy go along with you,
Or does he love you in fads.

What about your work boss,
Does he help you or care,
Is it better to stay your distance,
So you don’t fall into despair.

Does that girl seem to like you,
Do you wonder, not sure,
Do you need to change how you’re dressing,
Or are you too much of a bore.

There’s that house you’ve always wanted,
But the bank won’t give you a loan,
And the loan guy thinks you’re a loser,
Yet you work your fingers to the bone.

You have a friend since you were 7,
You both do everything as though you’re one,
It’s so nice to not feel opposites,
Someone knowing you’re always fun.

Are you negative, well maybe sometimes,
Are you positive, yes quite a lot,
Are you neutral, well if I need to,
I am myself and so I’m loved.

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