David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 21

Name of Song: When will we learn

Follow their intentions,
Follow their thoughts,
Projected desires
They hope never to be caught. 

Silent but deadly,
Continuous harm,
Hidden so well,
Inside their fake calm. 

They live in a nightmare,
With no concept of time, 
Hard to feel love,
So all that’s left is their crime. 

It all seems unreal,
Too hard to believe,
That’s what they count on, 
So they’ll never be seen. 

Oh, you will see their body,
Smiling but fake,
They count on that fog
between your love and their hate. 

They come out at night,
They come out at day,
Intense observation
will see through what they say. 

You may have encountered 
These people in life,
There’s one thing for certain,
They love all that strife. 

Helping them is hard,
They don’t like to change,
They’re too busy wrecking
all the gains that you’ve made. 

Our countries are run,
Yes we vote them in blind,
Sadly wonder why turmoil
While they play with your mind. 

Human we are,
Never taught to know what,
These people can do
to wreck all that you’ve got. 

I am a human,
I’ve learned on the go,
So hidden their style, 
And they negate what you know. 

Hoping they’ll change,
Good luck my dear friend,
Hell is so sticky
as they come to their end.

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