David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 9

Name of Song: The pleasure of simply dreaming

Who or what shall I be today,
Shall I become someone else tomorrow,
The freedom to simply dream about,
Rides high above this world’s sorrow.

Looking deep within, it’s all my own,
Such a feeling of hope and pleasure,
No one else can tell me no,
As I never needed to borrow.

My world can be so quiet a place,
With no one there but me,
And I’m the boss of whatever I dream,
And whatever I now wanna be.

There’s nothing in the way for me,
I make it how I want to,
So easy to be, so easy to see,
No urge to even prove it.

I love to dream about my life,
And who I’d like to be with,
No pressing need to see them now,
As I’ve already had the meeting.

My world begins with a simple dream,
No one else can even see it,
My world continues with thoughts of mine,
That makes this life worth living.

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