David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: We never thought…

We never thought
we’d need to face
that we had joined
a fascist base.

Our leaders covered
their true intent
by hiding crimes
in heaven sent.

So strong their urge
for us to do,
They changed the source
inside our purpose.

Their brand of evil
Rarely seen,
A type of hate
reserved for dreams.

They will not stop
their vicious bent,
Following what
their Satan sent.

You have to know
their type of bent,
Such endless joy
from Satan sent.

Now they lead
the group to hell,
Using our money
to cast their spell.

It’s really sad,
We loved our group,
Now it’s a mess,
Too many dupes.

So much money
protects their crimes,
It’s seems that way
in current times.

It may take years
for them to go,
Most think they’re grand
but some do know.

Time will eat
their souls away,
It’s how it goes
with evil ways.

Look in the mirror,
Take your time,
Calmly realize
what’s in your mind.

Most everyone
looks past the source,
You’re the power
Your mind just force.

When you search
inside your mind,
You’ll see your past
is stuck in time.

We’re driven by
a tiny wave,
It’s up to you,
Yourself to save.

Become familiar
with how YOU blend
It is your life,
Become a friend.

During life
you blend yourself
into your life,
Seems not much else.

We’ll appear again
when feeling strong,
Could take a while,
Hope not too long.

Bye for now,
Good needs sojourn,
Life will be glad
when we return.

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