David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 4

Name of Song: Urges to Destroy

No one wants to really know about them,
Except when they appear at your front door,
The urge for them is to make things always miserable,
It’s much more common than we’ve all really bargained for.

There are those who carry out these urges part time,
A fleeting moment of hate or despair,
Then there’s those whose career in life is destroying,
They can’t think of you any other way.

You might make a list of what bothers you,
Noting when and where these things occur,
From that you can easily spot who is constantly stirring you up,
They’ll be right there, right in front of your actual nose.

You could start by sitting down with them and talking,
As it’s common that there’s always two separate views,
Although being a child you may find it difficult,
It’s a good habit so when you’re older you don’t get the blues.

Whether they change or not is the vital point to monitor,
For those who specialize in destroying, they never do,
Becoming familiar with that unchanging evil person,
Will keep you winning without the urge to go askew.

Keep on loving even when they show their evil,
It’s often hard to keep that view with what they do,
But when you tangle with that unchanging evil person,
Their urge to harm can make one forget you’re really you. 

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