David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 8

Name of Song: To Nannerl

I waited for you unknowingly,
To continue with who you were,
Your company was soooooo missed by me,
I adored the way you were.

You cannot imagine how lonely I…
was finding you never there,
I never really recovered from…
the remind of this despair.

You were always willing to help me,
While I was young and in my prime,
You loved me so religiously,
You knew my inner kind.

You loved me AND my music,
Your own creations put aside,
You wore your hat of sister well,
And my friend through all the while.

I was too involved with writing,
To let you know my feel,
It is only now, had time to think,
And appreciate you for real.

The thrill of leaving my body,
And holding myself outside,
Was how I made the music,
But I left you off the ride.

I ignored your admiration,
I couldn’t have your love,
This may have left you wondering,
Was there something you had done.

For lifetimes I kept on looking,
For you and who you were,
These words I’m saying to you right now
I trust you will concur.

I’m sorry, so very sorry,
For not appreciating who you were,
Your kindness created a special time,
It helped me through the blur.

I now have a better outlook,
I have figured out who I am,
It took some time to work this out,
After years of many jams.

I’ve learned to be more social,
At least as spirits go,
We will create together,
I wanted you to know.

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