David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 16

Name of Song: Things we fell into

We fell into this vacuum,
A long long time ago,
It always feels weird
Neither above nor below. 

It has no location,
Moves endlessly in time,
So very well hidden,
Very deep in one’s  mind. 

It feels just like you, 
It was made to confuse,
Never meant to be found,
And it wrecks things you choose. 

It’s hard to explain,
It’s the source of our woes,
Been there so long
It just goes and just goes. 

It mixes your love
With a wavelength designed,
To confuse you with bodies,
So you’re part of mankind. 

It’s all so unreal, 
But what I tell you is true, 
You think you’re a body
and no urge to argue. 

As spirits we lost,
Our true nature it seems,
Now all our hope
seems infused in our dreams. 

You are a spirit,
Within bodies through time,
Hard to admit
that we lost to our mind. 

Your mind has been used,
To control and deflect,
From ever figuring out
You’re a spirit in neglect. 

Now it’s reactive,
Much more than it needs,
Once was made for survival,
Now controlled as they please. 

A better solution,
Separate from its hold, 
You are yourself,
A spirit I am told.

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