David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 11

Name of Song: This thing called Freedom

I have to make it there,
I know I could be scared,
But I hope it can be shared,
This place called freedom.

I look beyond the norm,
So many think I’m just a bore,
But I feel we’re deep in war,
Inside our own minds.

I daily try to think,
Which sometimes leaves me at the brink,
And the custom is to drink,
But I want freedom.

I know I must persist,
There are things I sorta miss,
But I know I would be pissed
If I never get there.

There is this place called freedom,
You can feel it while in prayer,
So intense but still makes sense,
So I must get there.

Many feel it’s just a dream,
Sadly so, it’s what it seems,
And I try to understand,
But I still must get there.

So much apathy all around,
Like they’re waiting to go in the ground,
Like they really just gave up
on this thing called freedom.

It used to make me sad,
That they thought I had been had,
Or just another fad,
This thing called freedom.

Searching lifetimes now and then,
Delving deep in what and when,
Doing same ole’ things again,
For this thing called freedom.

The utter arrogance of those few,
The bitter hate they seem to spew,
But such regret they always knew,
They were just gutless.

They seem to like to stop
you from getting to your top,
But deep down they know they’ll never,
Find their own freedom.

I’ve learned to love them all,
There’s no other way I’m sure,
Even learned to love myself
for this thing called freedom.

It’s been nice to speak my mind,
So long buried deep inside,
You’ve been kind to read this far,
I wish you freedom.

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