David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 22

Name of Song: They trap you with sin

Their hooks go so deep,
It’s what they will do,
Control is their thread,
Always changing your view.

They never will stop,
It’s just how they’re made,
So long ago
they started to cave.

They all started good,
It’s how we all are,
But some made their choice
And wandered afar.

Where did they go?,
Well, their sins are about,
People are sad
from their actions of clout.

So what do you do
To avoid all their hate,
Don’t let them hook you
And don’t agitate.

They hook you with help,
Money or bribes,
They’re running from the hell
that they made with their lies.

They hang you in mysteries,
While sticking in their lies,
Disconnecting is hard,
With all their fake smiles.

It’s really a problem,
When you wake up too late,
And try to unravel
from their insidious hate.

They generate evil,
It’s what they all do,
Covered with smiles
to confuse and hook you.

You think it will stop,
Well, that’s not in their mind,
They’re devoted to hate
And will not change over time.

So hard to believe
That they act in their way,
They simply don’t quit
So they’re given right of way.

You ask yourself, “Why?”,
You ask yourself, “How?”.
Well, you’ve hooked up with evil,
Start observing right NOW!

Leave them alone,
Allow them their calm,
They’re a long way from God
Let them disarm.

You are a spirit,
Invisible to the eye,
Becoming oneself
seems a calming defy.

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