David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 19

Name of Song: They talk through their pictures

There’s no peace for these kind,
Always talk though their pictures,
They never appear,
Life to them is a mixture.

It’s all about where,
As a spirit they’re lurking,
Sometimes in fear,
But often just smirking.

You think there’s no spirit,
The one running the show,
They became their own mind
so long long ago.

They couldn’t confront
the force of their mind,
Too much did happen
Over too long a time.

Hiding is what
they do all the time,
Spirits are invisible
And you can’t see their mind.

Fighting with shadows,
And wondering is it you,
They’re good at projecting
so you stick in their glue.

Their way is control,
More common than not,
They keep you in mystery
so you can’t see their plot.

More than a few
of these people around,
Destructive as hell,
You can feel like you drowned.

Don’t worry, there’s hope,
Just follow their lies,
Don’t second guess
or your cells will start dying.

It takes some confront
to face what they do,
I wish you the best
You’re important to YOU.

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