David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 4

Name of Song: They lie continuously

Multiple enactments, never knowing are any true,
Wondering should you trust them now, or ignore this constant slew.
Constant doubt envelops you, their accepted stock in trade,
Makes it hard to ever be, always waiting in the queue.

Many doubts in what they feel and what they really say,
Ever smiling cover ups for crimes against us all,
They beckon you to come inside
Their evil shots the call.

You might wonder if their spell is really worth it,
Are they really someone to be spending time with now,
They have incredible skills in making you feel all wondrous,
So when you fall you can’t remember who you are.

They will use your thoughts and ideas much like a parrot,
You will then think that they are right on your own vibe,
Just another trick to trap you in their spider’s web,
So you won’t notice what they’re up to while you’re on their ride.

Very hard to separate out from such a person,
All the hooks are stuck in ways not easily seen,
It seems that fear is what their driving force is made of,
Their poor attempt to get you feeling like they’ve been.

I hope this song has helped you understand an enigma,
That’s been enraging good willed people to suddenly fight,
It’s all been going on as long as there’s been suffering,
Just ignore them, they tend to implode when out of sight.

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