David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 6

Name of Song: There’s always plenty for everyone

They talk about all these scarcities,
Not enough water, or food, or necessities,
That the planet is running out of the things that we need,
And that we need to all line up and beg pretty please.

Have you ever flown across any country,
Did you ever notice how much land is never used,
Could you imagine how easy it would be to grow more food,
Or to catch the falling rain so we have more water.

I’ll make you a wager you’ll never win,
Go tell a farmer he has a scarcity of water and food,
He will probably look at you and laugh, even scratch his sunburnt head,
As he tries to understand what the hell you said.

And the thought of water being scarce is hard to fathom,
Since he catches it in his ponds and under his house,
It’s not hard to grow some food, even on a balcony,
We’ve just gotten used to always relying on someone else.

You can easily get so fooled into thinking scarcity,
It is used by those who live off of others’ hard work,
So instead of listening to all the talk about some scarcity,
Go for a drive and view your countryside for yourself.

If you really delve into the minds of those who promote this,
You will find they’re more into destroying than just create,
It make sense if they are busy promoting destroying things,
Then of course they will only see scarcity as the result.

As a final note, destruction comes in all shapes and sizes,
It has a domino effect if you destroy the will to play the game,
Raising taxes, creating scarcities and other death knells,
Tend to squash our willingness and interest so we don’t care.

And luckily for us our children can’t understand this anyway,
They’re too busy having fun and laughing it up,
It never occurs to them there’s a scarcity in anything,
Especially with their willingness to give out love.

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