David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 20

Name of Song: There is space

There is space,
But it’s not mine,
I need my own,
Maintain sublime. 

Lots of space
Around my view,
I need my own
to start anew. 

I want my own,
Must make it mine,
Own it’s limits,
Those subtle signs. 

It has a line,
Which sets it size,
Include as mine,
Then I feel wise. 

It’s just a view
How far I see,
To know how far
I need to  be. 

I love the feel
Of owning space,
Then it’s mine
to feel my grace. 

Create my own,
That means my space,
Make it mine
and infuse my grace. 

Continue making
my own space,
Don’t fall in
to another’s waste. 

Keep on doing
Creating space,
A brand new way 
to share my grace. 

Observe and feel 
another’s space,
Don’t accept
If it has waste. 

Space and time, 
A fact of life,
Pervade and know
So reject strife. 

Create your space
So it’s your own,
Never stop
And you’ll never moan. 

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