David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 2

Name of Song: It’s all in the way you see things

You can view things from different angles,
You can view things from a different light,
You can view things from how another sees,
Or you can view things just as they are.

It’s fun to look at life from how another sees it,
It’s fun to change the way you understand,
It’s also fun to share a view with someone else,
A fantastic way to end up feeling extremely close.

A simple moral code for you to truly stick by,
To keep things stable with those of us around,
Is to always observe things, just how they really are,
No urge to change how, it looks right now.

There’s peace and harmony in, observing the obvious,
No hidden agenda so, as to slant the view,
Just keep it simple enough, so people trust you
To never cheat or lie or taint another’s life.

The many urges that, come after interacting,
With all the people we meet, and love and see each day,
To always observe them with just a simple honest intention,
Can make the difference for your’s and their real happiness.

It’s very easy to, say what you really see,
And say the truth without reacting to what you see,
You’ll be amazed when, you say whatever you saw,
Without some hidden or open attack on your fellow man.

We all have many faults, some more, some less,
We never think what we were like in lives gone by,
To have the luxury of comparing different lifetimes past,
Could smooth the way we tend to think and feel right now.

Please view the obvious, in experiencing others,
Just keep your attention on what is there, not what is not;
If you keep on doing this, no matter where you are,
You’ll start to love and enjoy your fellow man.

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