David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 10

Name of Song: The thrill we get from love

A sudden feeling, a hypnotic transferred future
Pervading hope and endless love, suddenly the norm,
Spirits love to generate their love to other beings,
It really proves the fact that man is basically good.

Singers sometimes pass it on to you with their emotion,
Some actor’s play the part so well you become their role,
Intuitive painters will sometimes entice a homeless spirit,
To become their painting and attract attention forever more.

Of course there’s always the interaction with other spirits,
The source of true love, separated out from solid forms,
It’s the closest thing to what a spirit’s made of,
And the one thing fought against by our other side.

This thrill we get from love is really quite remarkable,
In fact it seems the only prize we’re looking for,
It seems this wondrous thrill will always be illusive,
But look in the mirror, you will see it’s just ourself.

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