David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 3

Name of Song: The price for no soul

So I don’t wanna look,
I don’t feel there’s a need,
It’s not affecting me now,
Doesn’t fit into my creed.

Nothing to do with me now,
Can’t see why I should care,
It’s another’s bad luck,
And it’s rude to just stare.

Thank god it’s not here,
It came nearer to there,
It’s not something I caused,
So why the heck should I care.

It hasn’t hurt me as yet,
Although those others went down,
I guess I’m just lucky,
And it’s more social to frown.

So why should I care,
They’re not family or friends,
As I watch myself become
Part of my own dreaded end.

Then one day it just happened,
I got stuck in this hole,
And I lay there and wondered,
Is this the price for no soul?

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