David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 6

Name of Song: The Perfect Melody Makers of Earth

There is such a thing as perfect melody,
There is such a thing as perfect song,
There are people who know how to make these,
They blend pasts and presents into one.

They make songs that sing so beautifully,
Never a note out of place or anything wrong,
After listening you suddenly realize it took you flying,
Amazed to feel the way you do just from a song.

These composers are The Perfect Melody Makers,
They compose their songs from a view of perfect song,
They have a knack to always make their songs sound perfect,
Their perfect songs bring a special joy to all the world.

I think they come from a planet that breeds aesthetics,
They are so used to making perfect what they create,
They learned that standard from living on their special planet,
And now they kindly have brought their love into this world.

You all know these perfect composers who are among us,
The admiration by usual people is all around,
Their songs ring true throughout the lives of many people,
They are the leaders of what is coming, the new Renaissance.

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