David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 2

Name of Song: The one you wonder about

Suspicions often surround them,
Which turn into doubt about oneself,
Always a show of how great they are,
But always on an evil roundabout.

They justify because of their overwhelm,
Hiding in jobs that exert clout,
Getting you to do their evil,
Careful to never ever get found out.

Easy to think they mean the best for you,
Errors are feigned off as a bad day,
They’ll say that accident you had was unfortunate,
But never intend you any good in any way.

You can spot them by they’re unchanging false emotion,
And by their seeming inability to easily change,
Yes, they just love to rally round destructive actions,
So they can watch the unassuming fall down again.

You might think that these fiends don’t mean to hurt you,
Take another look at their unwillingness to simply change,
They might even feign remorse with no truth behind it,
And then convince you to ignore your conscience once again.

One of the hardest things to spot is their hidden intention,
Most people agree that that much evil could not be there,
Well, just remember you can know them by their actions,
And use your instincts, that silent weapon you always have.

You’ll be amazed at all the quiet when you leave their clutches,
You may even find you have to create a brand new game,
Useless habits left behind, leave an empty void to fill,
Just be yourself, get used to perceiving who’s really there.

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