David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 28

Name of Song: The implanted mind

Deciding just to be there,
With nothing but just you,
No wandering in your noisy mind
or thinking things to do.

Minds are just not made that way,
Want me, want me, they cry,
They’re not designed to calmly be,
Instead they demand be sly.

Just look at your own mind now,
What does it do to you,
Making your body act in ways
with sins it shouldn’t do.

Minds are reactive memories
Of all the things you did,
Your goodness gives it life to live,
so it stays reactive.

It started as a protector,
To help your body live,
Then evil saw an opening to
infuse them like a sieve.

Implanted time and time again,
With forgetting, their main wish,
Hooking you with beauty too,
Wrapped in aesthetics.

You wonder why no memory,
Of other lives and times,
The force and violence used on you
simply overwhelmed your mind.

So dig a little deeper,
Into your hidden mind,
The force inside makes you forget,
It’s how you stick in time.

If you remembered lifetimes,
You’d come back for your toys,
And property and money too,
So many would be annoyed.

So deciding just to be there,
Not as easy as you think,
You’d have to want to do it so
You controlled your urge to think.

Being here in the present,
The source of your own being,
See, minds are not designed to be
an objective calm for seeing.

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