David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 5

Name of Song: Spiritual Perceptions

You use them every day.
You mix them up amongst body and soul,
Much better to view them each as very different.

Love…. is it from a body?
Or is it the way a Spirit communicates.
Logic…. do bodies think?
How could they if in the end they turn to dust.

Knowing, how could a body know?
It’s a machine that takes its orders from your mind and you.
A body can only understand what it’s been told.

Perceiving feelings….?
A Spirit can generate kindness when they want,
That’s exactly what a spirit does best of all!

The judgement factor….?
Only a Spirit can use its mind to get it right.
Peaceful harmony….?
It’s all a spirit, that’s truly you, will do with life.

Think beside your body,
You’ll start to see you’ve been ignoring your truer self,
Important decisions….?
There is no way you’d trust your body to do them right.

Mind perceptions….?
You can use them but always inspect before you do.
Spiritual perceptions….?
Often never realized till your experience has paid its dues.

Separate out from your body,
A Spirit’s clarity is quite something to behold.
Do you need a body….?
The honest answer is, go try separating out yourself!

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