David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 5

Name of Song: Rising above it all

You have a human body,
Which has its own mind to help it run,
Then there’s another mind which is, unknowingly built on top of that,
Which reacts and often gets out of your control.

This reactive mind is truly your real nemesis,
It’s always created beneath your awareness so you never see,
It can be triggered by, anything similar to its content,
Leaving you wondering, from where the hell did that just come.

It can be erased if you know exactly what it’s made of,
It’s not a mystery as some would like you to believe,
There are precise techniques to get inside it’s makeup,
You can do it without any drugs or surgery.

As a tip it always gets active when you’re stressed out,
Or unconscious to a greater or lesser degree.
It will record everything that’s around you as a hidden memory,
It never misses anything you hear or see or feel.

There are people who would not want you to unravel this hidden mind,
Because if you did you might see clearer what they really do.
So don’t underestimate the urge to leave it all mysterious,
This seems to them a better way to control all of mankind.

I can assure you when you’ve erased it, I mean all of it,
You will find yourself above your usual spot.
How high you’ll rise and realize your inner true potentials,
Is really how much willingness you have to help yourself.

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