David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 18

Name of Song: Released

It’s never ever happened,
Released from what I’ve loathed,
Hereto not experienced,
A new way now to know.

I’ve never really felt this,
It left without a show,
Layers layers of hidden threats,
Never supposed to know.

Many many layers,
Of waves that felt like me,
Blended in to who I was,
And who I try to be.

Amazingly so crafty,
Designed to last for years,
And no one even notices,
This source of many fears.

No one will believe me,
That this is really true,
It took a lot of work to see
Although blind I sorta knew.

Finally feel real happiness,
‘cause this was at the source,
Of what I have been looking for,
Finally run its course.

It’s possible for freedom now,
The waves are on the run,
They never were my problem though,
I agreed to be so spun.

Loneliness is gone now,
Illusions used to trap,
Convinced I was a wavelength for,
Sensations shared, perhaps.

I hope your life is wondrous,
And you reach your own true star,
To do the things you’ve always dreamed,
Become the power you are.

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