David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 1

Name of Song: Please Please listen

Knowing their ways,
Knowing their thoughts,
Knowing their process
so you’ll never be bought.

Rely on yourself,
You must know all their ways,
How they lie to your face
but you know what they’re saying.

They negate* to confuse,
So illogical it stuns,
It’s one of their ways
they destroy everyone.

Their negating is lying,
They KNOW what they do,
Yet seeming so rational,
But it’s how they control YOU.

Disagreeing is different,
Negating scars your soul,
Disagreements tend to invite you in,
Negating leaves you unwhole.

Laugh if you will,
Cry if you must,
People get confused
but they feel this distrust.

Beings do know
when someone just lies,
It’s a feeling you get
when you look in their eyes.

There’s more than you think
That affect you and me,
And when you look in their eyes
it’s like nowhere you’ve been.

Negating with evil
they infuse in their wave,
Learn to deflect it
So you won’t be their slave.

negate * to make someone or their ideas feel like they’re nothing

Understanding them better

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