David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 7

Name of Song: Playing my Thoughts

I thought of an inspiring melody,
I liked it in my mind,
It’s not enough to enjoy it myself,
I have to get it to come out as real life sounds.

For a long time I enjoyed my own composing,
I used my mind to play what I wanted to hear,
I quite enjoyed making music just for myself,
And I continued like this for soooo many years.

There is a speed and conceptual clarity in this type of composing,
It doesn’t involve anyone else listening or enjoying the song,
It doesn’t lose any essence of what I want to say,
It’s all telepathic between myself and my well trained mind.

But life has more than me and my personal urges,
There are people out there who live and work and breathe,
Life is a constant flow of give and take and interest,
We have to all go out the same way we came in.


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