David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 5

Name of Song: Noises inside of us

Is it coming from inside?
Wow!, it’s so unnerving.
How do they get so loud?,
And oh so disconcerting?

I feel I want to see them,
Are they always from inside?,
Do they share with us their pain,
Is my world this much unstable?

Does anyone else hear these noises?,
Or am I the only one?,
Does anyone else feel these noises?,
Or am I the only one.

Are these noises caused by others?,
They seem to feel like me,
Do they antagonize my own body?,
Should I leave and let them be?

These noises come I’m sleepy,
And when I’m feeling down,
How to avoid these living nightmares
Doubt myself and wonder why?

This drug makes my world so pleasant,
So sudden it took me by surprise,
Calm away from all these noises,
Addiction so I feel good all the time.

These noises came back and get more noisy,
Some quiet and then you need some more,
These endlessly recurring noises,
Now endlessly I sleep and simply snore.y

My mind makes all these noises,
A constant attack on our human soul,
Beginning triggers under our awareness,
Using our will so they then grow.

A truth at first so hard to swallow,
Confusions of who is my real friend,
Able to perceive invisible enemies,
Hard enough to view your true own self.

Observing simply what you’re being,
Know yourself is what it’s all about,
Getting used to finding your own true being,
Time to be in charge and be yourself.

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