David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 11

Name of Song: New York, oh New York

So you wreck your own city
With the stroke of your pen,
And mouth off illogics
To placate your weird friends.

You think you are better
Because you’re in charge,
Use the cover of a virus
To suppress, by and large.

Your city was great,
One of the greatest on Earth,
Too much culture and freedom
So you lessen its worth.

You don’t have a conscience,
But those old folks know your score,
They’ll be coming to haunt you
You’ve no idea what’s in store.

You can’t kill a spirit,
Or the power of life,
Those nursing home patients
Will destroy you with strife.

Whether you’re caught for your crimes,
Spirits know what you did,
That real fear of a murderer,
So you lead and forbid.

The thing that’s most obvious,
Yes, time after time,
You can’t seem to admit
to the crimes in your mind.

Your mind does remember,
So for sure it will haunt,
As even it can’t experience
Your no conscience you flaunt.

New Your City will again rise,
But without you to lead,
You’ll become sorta forgotten
As you beg and then plead.

New York City did a lot
for the culture of Earth,
It simply won’t die
Because we remember its worth.

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