David Lingabee Songs & Songwriting

Song#: 7

Name of Song: Movie emotions

Movies give you something, that you haven’t quite made yours,
A dream of what you want in love, or in friendship or a long term goal.
They sometimes match you perfectly, or often close enough,
To make you want to go and do that thing, that you hesitated on before.

Some movies just make you feel good, and that’s maybe all you want,
It gives you the hope you can finally experience what you never felt before.
You may laugh or cry, or gasp or sigh, or hope they’ll be alright,
And then it ends, often how you like, you go off and enjoy the night.

You talk about the characters, and who you like and not,
You relive your favorite moments, and the thrills of what you saw.
You may even buy a copy, and watch it again at home,
The love of watching movies, an experience that feels all yours.

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